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Global HandWashing Day October 15

世界手洗いダンス/Global Handwashing Dance

手洗い自動販売機/A vending machine for Handwashing


Global handwashing day 2013

Japan Committee for UNICEF (JCU) launched "Global Handwashing Day Project" in 2009 together with corporate partners and creative supporters, and has been promoting handwashing among children in Japan and around the world. The objectives of the project are: to promote proper handwashing and to raise awareness about the problem of children dying from preventable diseases

To celebrate its 5th year of the project in Japan, the project coordinated "Child Handwashing Newspaper" involving some 70 children all over Japan. After learning why handwashing is important and proper handwashing process, child newspaper reporters made their own handwashing newspaper using "reporters' kit," which contains necessary materials to make a newspaper.
Some reporters conducted interviews to restaurants, medical doctors, school nurses and their classmates. Others made research on handwashing and relevant matters using books, newspaper articles, or internet website.

Some reporters called "special correspondents" visited factory, office and museum related to hygiene and health business, or interviewed GHD project supporter celebrities and made a special reports.

Their newspapers sent to the Japan Committee for UNICEF are now presented on the project website <handwashing.jp>. In addition, "Child Handwashing Newspaper of all" (a newspaper using each reporter's article) was released on the Global Handwashing Day on the project website as well as children's newspaper.