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Global HandWashing Day October 15

世界手洗いダンス/Global Handwashing Dance

手洗い自動販売機/A vending machine for Handwashing


Global handwashing day 2012


In Japan, it's our 4th global handwashing day project. To raise more awareness on proper handwashing, we should make it clear our handwashing reality. So, the Japan Committee for UNICEF (JCU) wanted 100 researchers among children age of 8-12, and got over 700 applicants all over Japan.

108 children researchers made handwashing reality survey to 536 persons based on the prepared sheet.The results were collected and published as "The State of our handwashing 2012"(in Japanese only )with infographics before the global handwashing day. It found half of people being surveyed wash their hands less than 20 seconds, we named it "fake handwashing". In addition, the most forgotten point to be washed is around thumb, 34.5% don't wash them. Women wash hands better and more than men, boys age of 0-9 wash their hands in 5 seconds mostly.

Voices from researchers: "I didn't care about handwashing before. But I'm changed after the survey.", "I should be a coach on proper handwashing for my family and friends." They were motivated to protect their health with handwashing!

Some schools did the survey by students' health club. A nursing teacher said "Saying "wash your hands" are not enough, we should tell them where you should wash".

JCU prepared posters, handbook and DVD for free. On the website, many contents can be downloaded included "handmade bubble-hat" to enjoy handwashing and dance for children. These were used freely at many kindergarten, nursing schools, elementary schools and homes.

To celebrate Global Handwashing Day, many events were organized. Mr.Kaiji Moriyama, dancer who choreograph "Global Handwashing Dance", demonstrated it to children and families. This dance was shown UNICEF and JCU YouTube and has been played over 310,000 times!

Local branches of JCU hosted events or visited schools in many prefectures and children learned proper handwashing in fun.

all photos (c)Japan Committee for UNICEF

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